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Ms Geraldine Cutajar is a fully-qualified and warranted teacher in Physics and Science, currently teaching Physics at St Theresa College, Mriehel Secondary School. She has also taught at St Monica School B’kara and St Ignatius College, Handaq Secondary school.  Geraldine is also currently reading for a Master’s degree in Geosciences at the University of Malta, with the dissertation title as “Investigation of the dynamic properties of coastal and other geomorphological features through the use of ambient vibrations.”

In her free time, Geraldine enjoys doing voluntarily work.  She started off her teaching career as a youth leader at the local youth centre.  She obtained her TELT certification at English Domain and has taught English to foreign students.  She has also voluntary taught Physics resit sessions at the Cottonera Resource Centre.  Lately, Geraldine also teaches during the summer holidays giving Physics lessons for Government resits and also teaches in a summer school.


Lesson Dates

Physics Year 10 – Tuesday 5pm till 6:30pm
Physics Year 11 – Wednesday 5pm till 6:30pm
Individual Attention

Each student we come across has a unique character. We believe that not all students are alike and do not learn information in the same way. In this way, we focus on individualised attention to provide the best learning experience to our students.

Teaching Experience

“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”― Richard Henry Dana Jr.
We have multiple years of teaching experience in state schools which have served as a means of creating fun and interactive lessons to adjust to every students’ way of learning. We are also currently boarding onto a new venture, that of reading for a Master’s degree in Physics in order to specialise on the subject we teach.

For the love of Physics

We had students who did well in their exam just for the sake of passing… we also had students who did excellent because they learnt to like the subject! We strive to apply Physics in a way that students can relate to it more than just a subject to study.

Emphasis on Practice and Problem solving

Problem solving requires creativity and thinking in
order to stretch your reason and become a mathematical thinker. It also requires practice!

Student Participation

Participation is highly encouraged in lessons as this is an important aspect where students are learning how to express their ideas in a way that others can understand.

Positive Atmosphere

Private lessons may be an extra burden to the student despite having a load of work. However, we encourage our students through an enjoyable learning experience, to strive not only in passing their exams but also to achieve any of their desired goals.


This is what our previous students and parents have to say about our Physics Private Lessons


Great teacher with great dedication with great guidance. The notes are very easy to follow yet still fully detailed and student friendly. Personally I improved a lot due to the individual attention and practice through past papers.

Yasmin Salnitro


A memorable moment that means a lot to me is when I received my Physics O’level result and got a grade that I’ve never imagined that I can achieve, all thanks to the hard work and dedication of Ms. Cutajar. Ms. Cutajar is a one-of-a-kind teacher, she truly love’s the students and teaching the subject. She gives individual attention to every student and she strives to further each one as a student.

Philip Zammit


My son was not doing well in Physics at school. He did not get very good grades. I reached out at Physics Private Lessons in Zebbug and that is where my son started liking the subject after 2 years of studying Physics. Eventually we started seeing good results. Ms Cutajar was very helpful. She put a lot of effort and encouraged him to work more. He passed his O’level exam on the first time round. Ms Cutajar is a very dedicated teacher!

Lucienne Agius


When it comes to study Physics, there are a lot of people who discourage you and tell you that it is a hard subject. I was not very keen to start studying Physics, but with Ms Cutajar’s helped me make it happen. The lessons were fun and enjoyable. She gave me confidence and individual attention which helped me pass my exams.

Nicole Zerafa


My daughter has had some difficulty in focusing during lessons. I was a bit wary about sending her to any private lessons in order to improve a little bit and to have some more exposure in some of her main subjects. I approached Ms Cutajar and explained to her the situation with my daughter. Without any hesitation, Ms Cutajar took her in. All I can say is that Ms Cutajar showed a lot of dedication, followed up on my daughter very often and provided constant feedback on her progress. Even if my daughter struggles with some learning difficulties, she enjoyed the lessons and I can definitely say that the teacher instilled some confidence in her.

Maria Camilleri

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